The Hospital School at Westmead

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Personalised learning support

Personalised Learning and Support Plans (PLaSP)

PLaSps are formulated for all students with a hospital stay of over five days. They are negotiated amongst the student, their parents/caregivers, medical teams, hospital school staff and, census school staff where applicable.

Hospital medical teams are very supportive of the plans, which facilitate better coordination in the timetabling of lessons and medical treatments to provide the best educational outcomes for the student.

The PLaSP, in conjunction with Health Care Plans, Behaviour Plans, and electronic student record cards, form the basis of a transition plan for students returning to their census school. This comprehensive e-portfolio of data supports the census school to make appropriate accommodations and adjustments.

Specialist Teachers

We have secondary specialist teachers to meet the learning needs of all students. Supporting students in the classroom and on the wards in specific subjects such as maths, English, science, visual arts, geography, economics, and music. 

Learning Support Team

At the Hospital School, the Learning Support Team will:

  • Ensure that all students are delivered personalised learning that maximises their learning and wellbeing outcomes, empowering learners where they’re at.
  • Collaborate with school, NSW DoE, interagency, medical and allied health services to provide strong wrap-around support for every student, working in a collaborative and coordinated way, across identified stakeholders to ensure there is support with a ‘whole-child’ focus.    
  • Co-ordinate support to ensure comprehensive, supported transitions for students. Working with families, census schools, NSW DoE personnel and other key stakeholders, the LST will work in consultation to ensure meaningful participation by all contributors to best support the transition of students after their Hospital School enrolment.
  • Take a collaborative, problem solving approach to meeting the needs of all students. The team will work together through the sharing and development of expertise to provide best practice for students and the personnel who support them.