The Hospital School at Westmead

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Testimonials from our students

The Hospital School is...

"A place to meet new friends. It's helped me with learning maths, reading, handwriting and playing which is like learning because it helps with my creativity." - Makayla, 9 years.


"A way to help me get things off my mind and have fun and a good time. I like playing games and getting to know and learn about others." - Annalise, 11 years.


"A more enjoyable environment than a normal classroom. It makes it easier to avoid falling behind at school." - Georgia, 16 years.


"Relaxing. Fun. Calming. Pleasant. Welcoming and friendly." - Hall Ward students.


A place that "Gives us routine and something to look forward to during our time in the hospital." - Lola, 16 years.


"Actually really fun as we do activities related to teamwork. The teachers are really kind and caring and don't force you to do anything you don't want to do. They have gotten work from our schools so we don't have to stress about getting it. They help you complete school work and when you don't feel up to doing it then they help to refocus and do other things to get the mind where it needs to be." - Hall Ward student, 16 years.