The Hospital School at Westmead

Empowering learners, where they're at.

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"The Hospital School sessions are an engaging and creative learning experience for a child who may not be clinically well for the classroom. It has helped my child understand that she can learn and participate in the educational activities that her classmates are doing as they too follow the NSW school curriculum. It reassures parents that continuous one on one guidance from the great teachers will most certainly ease the transition once the child returns to schooling and is then able to participate in class discussion. The Hospital School accommodates to the child's ability to undertake certain activities."

- Carer of a student taught on the ward


"The Hospital School is a good motivator for physio. It keeps patients happy because they are leaving their room and interacting with kids their age outside of a medical setting. It's good for their mental health when staying in hospital for a prolonged period of time."

- Paediatric Physiotherapist at The Children's Hospital Westmead


"The Hospital School sessions are personalised and supportive. The fun, happy teachers helps your child want to go to school."

- Mother of a student taught on the ward and transitioned into the classroom