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The importance of school in hospital

"In the face of imperfect health, education is a gateway into hope of a better future. It may be that hope that sustains the resilience in kids facing serious illness."  - MissingSchool 

By attending the classroom, patients are able to leave the ward and follow the routine of a normal school day. Even on the wards, that break in their medical routine provides a sense of normality and most students feel a better sense of connection to normal life and their school.

"Keeping seriously sick kids connected arises from the view that school is a kid's community. Connection to this most important community is a source of support which can alleviate the stress and anxiety of sickness, promote resilience and optimism, and encourage seriously sick kids to remain positively engaged in all aspects of their present and future. Importantly, to have us remember that there is more to who they are, and their life, than being sick."  - MissingSchool 

For more information, refer to: MissingSchool website

MissingSchool poster- What school means to seriously sick kids, and why it matters.