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Frequently Asked Questions- What to expect

You probably have lots of questions about the Hospital School and we have tried to answer them below. If you need some more information, please contact the school directly and we will be more than happy to help.

Do I have to go to school when I am in hospital?

You don't have to go to school, but we find lots of children and young people like to do so. It keeps you connected and busy and it is a great place to meet other young people like yourself.

Can I just go to some school?

You can come and go as you need. We would love to see you all the time, but understand that you need to take the time for appointments, therapies, rest etc. We ask that you keep us in the loop as best you can.

What if I can't leave my hospital bed?

We have ward teachers who can come and teach you by the bedside. Sessions go for about 30-45 minutes, if you are up to it, and we can timetable specialist teachers to help you with certain subjects if you need.

How many people will be in the classroom?

There could be just a couple or there might be a small group. Sometimes we have had a larger group too, so it varies according to who is in the hospital. Our Hall Ward class has a maximum of seven students.

Will my Hospital School teacher talk to my school?

Yes, your hospital teacher will usually contact your census school teacher to plan what will be best for you while you are in hospital. They might send us work, topics or goals that you were working on and even logins to some online resources your school might use. We try to keep you as connected as possible.

What about my assessments and exams?

We will liaise closely with your school (and relevant authorities if necessary) about upcoming assessments and exams to work out a way to support you. If necessary you can even sit exams here at the hospital.

Can my brother or sister attend at the Hospital School?

Yes, under certain circumstances they can. Get your parent/caregiver to contact the school and we will see what we can arrange.

What if I am in and out of hospital? Will I go to my normal school or the Hospital School?

This is tricky to answer as it varies from student to student. It depends on your medical condition and what your medical team suggests so you need to talk to them. When you are admitted to the hospital you will always be welcome in the Hospital School.