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4C's Pedagogy

At The Hospital School at Westmead our teaching and learning strategies meet the needs of students facing 21st Century learning challenges. This means supporting students in learning capabilities known as the 4Cs: Creativity, Critical Reflection, Communication and Collaboration. 

The 4C capabilities are supported by The Learning Disposition Wheel. There are nine learning dispositions that are organised into three broader themes of intrapersonal, interpersonal and cognition. The learning dispositions are used to support learning by identifying strengths and challenges that can be explicitly developed.

4C Pedagogy aims to build learners that are self-aware and have agency by using pedagogical practices and strategies that encourage embodied, experiential learning. This means offering learning opportunities that empower the learner where they're at. 

"Teachers understand the world of the learner by guiding them through experiences, deep questioning, discussions, actions, and reflection. Pedagogy begins with teachers building a collaborative relationship with the learner." (Jefferson and Anderson, 2017)

Our school has worked in partnership with Transformative Schools and The University of Sydney in designing and implementing pedagogical strategies. We would like to acknowledge their support.


The Learning Disposition Wheel

Source: Jefferson and Anderson, 2017.